Technical Consultancy

Technical Consultancy

LFV has extensive experience of different technical systems and our employees are familiar with and knowledgeable in the latest technical fields. We secure the operation and management of systems and premises in accordance with applicable international and national legislation, norms and standards. Thanks to our surrounding world, current status and needs analyses, we have control and are updated on developments regarding demands and regulations. This means our clients can introduce changes in a timely fashion.

Our expertise

  • Technical/operative expertise.
  • Expertise for operation, management and development of systems over their entire lifetime.
  • Aviation safety experts.
  • Expertise for planning and budgeting management activities.
  • Expertise for the implementation of investigations into incidents in the technical systems.

Measures that can develop the enterprise and how operations can be optimised are identified through pilot studies. This results in effective management. In agreement with our clients, we plan and coordinate the different activities.

Examples of activities

  • Technical operation
  • Training support
  • Configuration control
  • Documentation
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Software maintenance
  • Testing
  • Verification/validation
  • Commissioning.