AIS and Flight planning

IAIP - Integrated Aeronautical Information Package
IAIP is the collective name for the following services and products: NOTAM, PIB, AIP, AIP Amendment, AIP SUP and AIC). LFV provides this information on behalf of the Swedish Government, known as Aeronautical Information Service (AIS), through the digital service AROWeb. In addition to AIS, weather information (MET) and Flight Planning (ARO) is also provided via AROWeb

AIP - Aeronautical Information Publication
LFV publishes AIP, which is a collection of facts with information to aviation.Virtually all countries issue a national AIP with information about the prerequisites in order to fly to, from or over its airspace as well as the airports in Sweden.

NOTAM - Notice to Airmen
NOTAM is a service that continuously publishes aeronautical information which either changes before the AIP has been updated, or when it concerns information of a temporary nature, such as a closed runway at an airport.

PIB – Preflight Information Bulletin
A presentation of current NOTAM and weather information (MET) of operational significance, prepared prior to flight.

In addition to our undertaking, LFV can provide aeronautical information, aeronautical data and related products and services by other means than by product AIP. We can on a consultancy basis produce and package different forms of information and data as required, for example, different airspace geographies with selected aeronautical information/data, obstacle maps, maps of the terminal areas (TMA), etc. Contact for such matters