What you do

- When you plan to set up a tower or wind power installation

1. Well in advance of planned construction (introductory phase); Submit form ”Beställning av flyghinderanalys” (only available in Swedish) to:
-  LFV (e-mail to lfvcentralregistratur@lfv.se or else to: LFV, 601 79 NORRKÖPING, sweden )

This will happen: LFV will now make an obstacle analysis and control of any effect on what is known as CNS equipment *, as a basis for the airport’s decision. LFV will send a response to the analysis to the builder plus a copy to affected airports. The builder is encouraged to then contact affected airports for decision on the issue. 

*) CNS equipment stands for Communication, Navigation, Surveillance (radar) and for such equipment between the airports LFV is stakeholder.

For price list for obstacle analyses, please contact LFV. 

Note: We ask that you enclose a map of the project area with your application.

2. Prior to start of construction (if OK from airports): submit “airport obstacle application” form (according to Air Traffic Regulation SFS2010:770) no later than 30 days before construction of the building to: 
”Flyghinderanmälan” form (only available in Swedish) is found at www.forsvarsmakten.se

3.Marking of obstacles shall occur according to the Swedish Transport Agency’s regulations, see TSFS 2010:155 at www.transportstyrelsen.se.


Location assessment form (only in Swedish)
  - Excel format for e-mail
  - PDF for printout

  - Pricelist


- Swedish Transport Administration (long-term infrastructure planning for aviation, designates airports with national interest) 
- Vindlov (Energy agency’s combined website for permit issues about wind power)
- Swedish Transport Agency (regulations for airports and obstacle marking)
- Swedish Armed Forces (receives airport obstacle applications before start of construction)
Swedish Instrument Airports