Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Controller LFV

Swedish airspace is trafficked annually by 700,000 flights. This includes domestic flights and overflights, aircraft that cross Swedish airspace without landing or taking off here. LFVs competent and motivated air traffic controllers organize and direct aircraft safely and efficiently on their way towards their final destinations.

Air traffic management near the airport

LFVs air traffic control is provided at airports in 16 locations throughout Sweden, from Kiruna in the north to Malmö in the south. Our controllers work with air traffic control, they direct the aircraft to airports in the immediate vicinity. During take-off and landing as well as taxing into and out from the airport gates.

Air traffic management further away from the airport

Aircraft are then directed, once they have left the airport vicinity, from the two air traffic control centres in Stockholm and Malmö. Our air traffic controllers are in contact with the pilots from the control centres and plan and direct them through sector after sector in the airspace until they reach their final destination in Sweden or when the Swedish air traffic service hands the plane over to other countries controllers, for example Norway, Finland or Estonia. 

Remote Tower Center Stockholm

RTC Stockholm, or Remote Tower Center Stockholm, is LFV's new remote tower services. From here four Swedavia airports - Kiruna Airport, Umeå Airport, Åre Östersund Airport och Malmö Airport - will be remotely controlled. Östgöta Control Center, is situated nearby Norrköping airport. From here LFVs air traffic controllers operates both civilian and military air traffic in the region.

Partially shared airspace with Denmark

Sweden and Denmark have partially shared airspace since 2009. The merger of the airspaces and air traffic control is part of the EU's ambition to streamline air traffic services in Europe.