LFV Aviation Consulting

LFV Aviation Consulting, a subsidiary to LFV Air Navigation Services of Sweden, operates as a fully independent international civil aviation consultancy with a multi-skilled background and extensive experience from international aviation projects. All personel used for international assignments have long and wide experience of management, engineering, training and operation of global air transport systems. LFV Aviation Consulting has provided services to Airports, Aviation Institutions, Eurocontrol, European Union, European Space Agency and ICAO for 30 years and in more than 50 countries around the globe.

LFV Aviation Consulting's approach is to work collaboratively with the client to share experience and competence to ensure that transfer of competence will be central in all projects which act as a base for continued development and long term effect.

Our clients
- Civil aviation authorities
- National and multinational ATC Regulatory offices
- Airport operators
- ATC service providers
- Airlines
- Contractors
- Aircraft manufacturers

Customer satisfaction is vital in today's competitive and fast evolving world of aviation. The only way to meet these challenges is by constantly improving your aviation systems. LFV Aviation Consulting has the know-how and human resources to be able to offer you optimal solutions.

Our pool of experts has worldwide experience of management, engineering, training and operation of complex air transport systems. LFV Aviation Consulting can organise and carry out any advanced project within the field of civil aviation.

Contact: CEO Maria Wall Petrini, maria.wallpetrini(at)lfv.se