Information on geofence databases in drones/UAS from certain manufacturers

Some drone/UAS manufacturers have implemented so called geofence databases in their products, making it impossible to fly within certain parts of the airspace. The geofenced airspace volumes in these databases does not always correspond to the Swedish regulation for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Sometimes the geofence databases on board are more restrictive than the regulation and sometimes they are less restrictive.

In Sweden there is currently no legal requirement to have a geofence database in your drone/UAS, so it would be possible as drone operator to ask the drone/UAS manufacturer to have the geofence database removed. However, a drone operator, even without an geofence database on board,  MUST comply with the regulations. One of many rules in this regulation is that in order to be allowed to fly in certain parts of airspace you need approval from the Air Traffic Service (ATS) provider in the specific area.

In LFVs role as an state-owned air navigation services provider, we cannot mediate individual inquiries between drone operators and drone manufacturers, but as a drone operator you can refer to this information in communication with your manufacturer.

For more information on where you can and cannot fly, please see: