Our customers are more satisfied now than in 2019

Published: 25 August 2022 11:51

At regular intervals, LFV conduct customer surveys. The results of this spring's survey show that our customers are more satisfied with us now than a few years ago.

"I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to give their feedback to us by participating in the survey," says Director General Ann Persson Grivas. It is important for us to know what our customers think of us and what we can do better.

When we asked how satisfied the customers are, we got an average value of 79 on a hundred-point scale. In comparison, the average value was 58 in 2019.

"One of the reasons for this may be that we have invested more in an active and more proactive communication with our customers. We strive to be clear and listen", says Director General Ann Persson Grivas.

Highest rated is, among other things, that LFV prioritize flight safety, are committed and reliable and that our products and services meet the customers’ needs. The highest scores went to the employees of LFV, who are considered highly knowledgeable and competent.

LFV also received many valuable comments in the survey. An example of an area that we will develop further, is to more clearly show our contribution in reducing the environmental impact of aviation. There is a constant effort to develop our airspace to be able to use it as efficiently as possible.

One good example is creating straighter flight paths or applying "eco-driving" in the air by directing air traffic to reduce fuel consumption. We also work to reduce the noise from aviation by adapting the flight paths during takeoff and landing.

The comments also show that our customers value the dialogue with LFV. We also gott tips on how to further develop our website.

"Keeping a good dialogue with our customers is esssential, especially when it comes to how we together can meet the future of aviation with all that it entails," says Ann Persson Grivas.