LFV sells its share in SDATS to Saab

Published: 13 December 2021 10:31

The ownership structure of Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions AB (SDATS) is scheduled to change as LFV sells its shares to Saab that then will become the one hundred percent owner of SDATS.

SDATS was created in 2016 as a joint venture between Saab and LFV. The aim was to continue to develop remote air traffic management using LFV expertise in the operational side of air traffic control, together with Saab's technical expertise. In April 2015, Örnsköldsvik Airport became the first in the world using remote air traffic control operated from a central office in Sundsvall. Since then, the number of installations has increased and is now expanding into both the civilian and military sectors with customers in Sweden, UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and USA.
“Joint ownership by Saab and LFV has been a good solution for developing capability for remote air traffic control. LFV expertise in air traffic control and Saab technical expertise have worked well together to make Sweden a world leader in the air traffic management of the future. The investment made through SDATS is a good example of collaboration between the state and Swedish business and industry,” says LFV CEO Magnus Corell.

“LFV has, together with Saab, established the ability to manage air traffic remotely. The concept has been in operation since 2015. In order to gain a larger share of the international market, a purely commercial focus on business development and expansion is required. Since the company was founded in 2016, the outside world has changed and LFV has also received several new government assignments which require increased focus on our own operations and on our capability to deliver in all types of situations. For these reasons, it is now appropriate that co-ownership of SDATS by Saab and LFV ceases,” says Magnus Corell.

The agreement has been approved by Government. Saab and LFV believe that cooperation between them will continue under the new form of ownership. LFV continues its development of RTC Stockholm, which is a control centre for remote air traffic control. Since 1 June, air traffic at Kiruna Airport, and since 1 December also Åre Östersund Airport, has been controlled from Stockholm as part of the LFV/Swedavia joint program for remote air traffic control. More airports will be connected to the control centre in 2022.