LFV commissioned to establish systems and services for unmanned aviation

Published: 25 January 2022 15:58

Swedish Government Instructions for 2022 state that, within the framework of its operational area, LFV is to establish systems and services for unmanned aviation (UTM, Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management) in a socio-economically efficient manner and in accordance with regulations for U-space where applicable. The purpose is to ensure airspace capacity for the structured, secure development of drone traffic in lower airspace.

“With this new assignment, LFV has been appointed as the government agency that will develop services adapted to Sweden's drone operators. This is the airspace user group that has grown most rapidly for a number of years. Such services are prerequisites for drone operation on a larger scale than has been possible so far, and these services can therefore unleash the environmental and economic potential that drones possess in a societal perspective,” says LFV CEO Ann Persson Grivas. 

“This assignment shows the Government's confidence in LFV, not least in terms of flight safety, which LFV has been involved in and contributed to for more than 70 years.  One of the preconditions for the development of drone use is that flight safety is maintained, even with a sharp increase in the use of airspace in step with the growth of unmanned aviation. The fact that LFV has now been tasked by the government to produce the necessary services for drone traffic is thus a step into the future, for unmanned aviation and for Sweden,” she asserts.

The Government assignment will be partially reported to Government Offices on 11 April 2022 and finalised no later than 15 June 2023.