Meet our employees

Camilla, Air Traffic Controller

What personal skills do you think is required to be an air traffic controller?

In order to be a good air traffic controller you need to be good at collaborating. Being able to switch speed quickly and enjoy problem solving is also important. Our main task is, of course flight safety, but we also need to be effective in order to do our job well.

What are the advantages of working as an air traffic controller at LFV?

There are many good things to mention. I have been employed for some years now and beyond the air traffic controller job, I have worked with education. There are good opportunities to develop within LFV. I like to work shifts and I like my nice colleagues in the working group.

Why LFV?

LFV is a company with a clear focus on safety and that cares about its employees. We have good working conditions. Within LFV there are exciting opportunities with the possibilities to work abroad.

Richard, CNS engineer

What do you do as a CNS engineer at LFV?

As a systems specialist, I have the responsibility to follow up and ensure that all the practical operation and maintenance of navigation and surveillance radar systems owned by LFV and used in air traffic control centers or airports, are carried out in accordance with ICAO rules and the Swedish Transport Agency. Other tasks may involve working in a project or that you are responsible for technical project management. In practice this means everything from writing the specifications, interpretation of regulations, monitoring, procurement missions, acceptance of system delivery from suppliers, etc.

What motivates you to go to work?

The variety of work that we are involved in. Two days are never alike. One day I can deploy an ILS system and work with flight inspection team in Umeå, and the next day the job can be performance evaluation of a new radar station somewhere in Sweden. Another factor that makes the work so pleasurable is my co-workers, their unique ability and expertise combined with the everyday courtesy, kindness and respect we have for each other makes it fun to go to work.

Why LFV?

In all the jobs I have had, I have been passionate to understand the technology, especially technology in the aviation industry. To build infrastructure, get the systems to work properly and to develop or improve systems is what I like most about working at LFV.