LFVs Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is a compilation of values, approaches and guidelines for our employees and how we behave as employees toward each other and to the world around us. Our assignments are based on trust and long-term commitment. At LFV, we all contribute to LFV’s appeal and attractiveness – towards our customers, business partners and suppliers as well as for our owners, our organisation and significant stakeholders.

LFVs Code of Conduct comprises the following areas:

  • Sustainable Business - fundamental principles and Global Compact. LFV is a part of society and our responsibility for sustainable development locally and globally.
  • A Unique Corporation - a public authority with an enterprise assignment, where we develop a good administrative culture and comply with various public laws and regulations; for example, the principle of public access, freedom and public procurement rules.
  • Human Rights - equal value, liberty and dignity for all.
  • LFV – The Workplace - our common responsibility for a safe, stimulating and equal work environment for all our employees.
  • The Environment - for sustainable aviation, where LFV contributes to create opportunities for our customers to protect the environment.
  • Anti-corruption - the importance of good business ethics.
  • Whistleblower – a possibility for all.
  • Global Goals - Agenda 2030 and LFV's contribution to work related to the global goals.