Remote tower

Remote tower services - first in the world

Why Remote Tower

  • Co-locate the service in a centre where a number of airports are controlled
  • Increased safety – situational awareness
  • Introduction of new tools, such as visual tracking and infrared technology
  • Cost reduction: establish digital tower instead of refurbishing or building a new tower, contingency solution, solve problem with remote runways.
  • 24/7 operational
    Streamlined working processes
  • Competence centre
  • Resource centre

Remote tower Pre Study

  • International and national legal and regulatory aspects
  • Design
  • Regional aspects and opportunities
  • Cost Benefit analysis and financial solutions
  • Technical solutions. Communication network and Power Supply
  • Safety and security aspects. Human Factors

Preparation of tender documents

We also offer

  • RTS Study (Road Map)
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Regional, legal, financial aspects
  • Fligt Safety including Human Factors
  • Pilot Implementation
  • Physical and Digital Security
  • Power Supply
  • Communication Network
  • RTS System and Operations


Maria Wall Petrini