Group Management

Director General

Ann Persson Grivas

Employed since: 2017
Directorships: Member of LFV's board, Chair of LFV Holding AB, LFV Aviation Consulting AB, LFV Norway AS. Chair COOPANS Alliance Board, Vice Chair Borealis Alliance Board. Member of Entry Point North AB, Eurocontrol Air Navigation Services Board, SOS Alarm, Luleå University of Technology and Swedish Institute of Space Physics.
Previous positions: Senior positions at the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, Sony Ericsson, Vattenfall, telecommunications company 3, and SAS.
Education: University degree from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Uppsala University.

Deputy Director-General

Magnus Corell

Employed since: 2019

Previous positions: Senior positions within the Swedish Government Offices, i.e. the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, and the Ministry of Justice.

Education: LL.B. Uppsala University, trained as a judge, Svea Court of Appeal, the Swedish Armed Forces Interpreter Academy.

Finance Director

Mikael Larsson

Employed since: 1991
Directorships: Board Member of LFV Holding AB and LFV Aviation Consulting AB.
Previous positions: Economist at LFV.
Education: Bachelor of Science (Economics), Örebro University. 








Director of HR

Barbro Bolander

Employed since: 2017
Directorships: LFV Holding AB
Previous positions: Senior positions at National Board of Health and Welfare, the Swedish Schools Inspectorate, Grand Thornton, the Swedish Armed Forces, DNB Asset Management, SJ.
Education: Human Resources Specialist, Linköping University and Stockholm University.








Director of Communications

Elisabeth Lindgren

Employed since: 2014
Directorships: Board Member of Swedish Air Transport Society, LFV Holding AB, LFV Aviation Consulting AB. Board alternate Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions. Chair Sandströms.
Previous positions: Senior positions at SJ, Lernia, and Swedbank. 
Education: Bachelor in market economy at IHM, Bachelor of Arts at Linköping University, Executive MBA at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Business Development Director

Sture Hjalmarsson

Employed since: 2019.

Previous positions: Leading positions within governmental organisations, companies and muncipalities. 

Head of Operations

Anna Helena Wåhlin

Employed since: 1982
Directorships: Member for LFV Holding AB and LFV Aviation Consulting AB.
Previous positions: Several senior positions at LFV.
Education: Air traffic controller.






Technical Director

Ulf Thibblin

Employed since: 2013
Directorships: Board Member at LFV Holding AB, LFV Norway AS, Entry Point North AB and Saab Digital Air Traffic Services.
Previous positions: Senior positions at SAAB, and Ericsson. 
Education: Master of Engineering - Theoretical Physics, and Doctor of Technology at Linköping University.

General Counsel

Petra Sernulf

Employed since: 1997-2005 and since 2008
Directorships: Board Member  LFV Holding AB
Previous positions: Court service and legal counsel for LFV, the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, and the Glimstedt law firm.
Education: Candidate of Law, Stockholm University.

Director En Route

Peter Fältsjö

Employed since: 2000

Previous positions: Human Resources Air traffic services. CEO Sturup Handling AB. Manager Operation ATCC Malmö, CEO NUAC.

Education: Courses within the Swedish Armed Forces, Human resources at Karlstad University.

CEO of LFV Aviation Consulting AB

Maria Wall Petrini

Employed since: 2012
Directorships: Member of LFV Holding AB, LFV Norway AS, and Chair of the Swedish Aviation Group.
Previous positions: Senior positions at Nordwaggon AB, Electrolux, LFV, and Swedavia.
Education: Bachelor of Science (Economics) at Linköping University.