Franska flygtrafiktjänsten går med i utvecklingssamarbete

17 mars 13:03

Committed to fulfill SESAR objectives, DSNA, the French Air Navigation Service Provider, and the COOPANS Alliance have decided to launch the so-called CODACAS Programme: "Convergence Of Dsna And Coopans Atm Systems". This programme aims at commissioning a Common Build of their ATM System from 2025 onwards.

DSNA is deploying the new 4-Flight ATM System, provided by Thales, for operational service in 2018 in two pilot-centres, Reims and Aix-en-Provence ACCs, while COOPANS is already providing ATM service over 7 ACCs via a common Build of the Thales TopSky product.

In order to face together ATM harmonization challenges brought with SESAR Pilot Common Project's requirements and SES Implementing Rules, the CODACAS Programme will implement a convergence roadmap browsing all aspects of ATM services, from system architecture to concept of operations, not forgetting engineering processes, governance, legal and commercial aspects.
The first phase of this convergence Programme is a feasibility study, sponsored by the European Commission under the Multi-Annual 2013 TEN-T Programme. The initial part of the study draws a complete picture of the respective COOPANS and DSNA ATM context and sets the foundations for a common vision of the ATM future. This global picture will then allow identifying differences and opportunities from which the convergence roadmap will be constructed, paving the way for a harmonized deployment of initial SESAR concepts in a large part of the European sky.
The results of the feasibility study will be available by end 2015.
Combining COOPANS and DSNA experience and expertise will obviously offer an opportunity to create synergy to meet SES challenges for the next fifteen years.
CODACAS, a DSNA and COOPANS partnership to share products, associated costs of maintenance and further evolutions on ATM systems in the spirit of harmonization in the European ATM Network.
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