Flight Inspection

LFV Flight Inspection

LFV Flight Inspection Service provides a high quality, cost-effective, proven solution that assures the integrity and above all the safety of Radio Navigation and Radar aids of its customers.

Having operated in the field of Flight Inspection and Calibration for over 50 years, LFV have the necessary experience and capability that meets the demands of today’s airport operators and air navigation service providers worldwide in order to provide a safe and timely service of the highest standards with minimal disruption.

Our team is able to fully plan and manage large scale programmes from initial commissioning to recurrent periodic inspections through our dedicated operations centre.

LFV is the sole provider of flight inspection services to the civil market in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Whilst outside mainland Scandinavia LFV has provided flight inspection services to the Kingdom of Jordan, United Arab Emir­ates, Greenland, Lithuania, Latvia, Spain and Kurdistan.

Fully certified to ISO 9001 & ISO14001, LFV also operates in compliance with ICAO Annex 10 and DOC 8071 and furthermore holds 3 separate national approvals within Scandinavia as a Flight Inspection Organisation from the following regulatory authorities:

  • Swedish  Transport Authority (Transportstyrelsen)
  • Danish Transport Authority (Trafikstyrelsen)
  • Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority (Luftfartstilsynet)

The approvals, experienced staff and technical capability allow LFV to exercise a full suite of flight Inspection activities including commissionings, engineering, return to service and periodic flight checks for the following aid types:

  • ILS CAT I/II/III (Instrument Landing System)
  • DME (Distance Measuring Equipment)
  • VOR (VHF Omnidirectional Range)
  • NDB (Non-Directional Beacon)
  • U/VDF      (UHF/ VHF Direction Finder)
  • PAR (Precision Approach Radar)
  • PSR (Primary Surveillance Radar)
  • SSR (Secondary Surveillance Radar)
  • WAM (Wide      Area Multi-Lateration)
  • ADS-B      (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast)
  • AGL (Airfield Ground Lighting)
  • PAPI      (Precision Approach Path Indicators)
  • SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation System)
  • (P)R-NAV  ((Precision) Area Navigation)

In conjunction we also offer a fully certified flight procedure de­sign service in our product portfolio ensuring that LFV is the ideal partner when it comes to planning and implementation of an airport’s future navigation infrastructure.

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