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LFV and Combitech are developing technology for increased safety at airports

LFV and Combitech are developing innovative technology that will enable airports to improve ground safety by radically reducing the risk of unauthorized ground vehicles on the runway. These are termed Runway Incursions (RWI). [2017-03-07]

Ann Persson Grivas - new Director General of LFV

Ann Persson Grivas has been appointed as Director General of LFV by the Swedish Government. She comes from a position as Assistant Director General of Försäkringskassan in Sweden. Ms. Ann Persson Grivas will come on board April 1st, 2017. [2017-02-24]

LFV control centre in Sundsvall expanded

Infrastructure Minister Anna Johansson inaugurated the new extension of LFV's Remote Tower Center in Sundsvall last week. The extension provides the capacity to manage air traffic remotely at even more airports. [2017-02-23]

ATM System in Sweden successfully upgraded

The COOPANS partnership is pleased to announce that it has successfully updated its common ATM system by deploying the latest upgrade of the COOPANS software to version B3.2, which is co-funded by the EU from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). Build 3.2 has received funding from INEA call 2014. [2017-01-31]