Collaborative Projects


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Collaborative Projects

On 1 May 2013GAL took over the provision of air traffic services at Abu Dhabi Airports Company's airports in the United Arab Emirates and choose LFV Aviation Consulting as a subcontractor. The contract is for a period of five years and signifies LFV's largest international establishment of air traffic services to date.

ADAC has five airports for civilian operations in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which is part of the United Arab Emirates. The largest of these, Abu Dhabi International, has comprehensive regular flight traffic and is the main airport for UAE's national airline, Etihad. The airport has approximately 12.5 million passengers and 120,000 movements per year. This means that its size is comparable to something between Stockholm Arlanda and Gothenburg Landvetter.

GAL ANS is the main supplier for operations whilst LFV is responsible for management functions within air traffic control and has the experience to operate civil aviation. Air traffic controllers are both Emirati and foreign air traffic controllers including employees from LFV. GAL is responsible for the maintenance of the airport's communications and navigation equipment which is used to create the provision of safe air traffic control.

The contract with GAL ANS will expire in April 2018.



Joint Programme Office (JPO) is an organisation of cooperation between LFV, Naviair and NUAC. The objective is to run common programs which create added value for all three organisations, while keeping the high quality level standards and at the same time becoming more efficient. JPO’s task is to analyse, catalyse and coordinate technical initiatives across sites and countries – which contribute to lowering the cost bases in LFV and Naviair for future development. JPO reports to Naviair and LFVs top level management and is anchored as a strategic initiative.