With focus on drones

25 October 10:10

Drones become ever more present in everyday life and in step with the development; LFV takes its position on the matter. Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, UAVs, enables new services but could at the same time pose a risk to manned aircrafts. LFV, along with other operators, are involved in the development of how drones can be integrated into the civilian airspace with manned aviation. Here are some exciting examples of what is being done at the moment:

UAS forum and unmanned traffic management (UTM)

On the 22nd October, the unmanned aviation industry gathered at the UAS Forum in Linköping. There, Billy Josefsson, LFV Research & Innovation, along with Danwei Tran Lucian, PhD student - Linköping University, lectured on the future air traffic management of drones.

LFV operates two projects together with Linköping University; UTM 50 and UTM OK. UTM 50 visualizes future drone traffic and how air traffic management as regulation and services can create a monitored and safe airspace ahead. UTM OK analyzes airspace issues. The project is the basis of an automated route planning system for the allocation and monitoring of airspace utilization.
"LFV operates for both route planning, safety and concept development, also through integrating knowledge and results with our delivery of air traffic management services, we can continue to be a leading operator," says Billy Josefsson, LFV Research & Innovation.

Demo and simulation day for drones at Malmö Airport

Another interesting Swedish research project is “SWEDEMO” that handles about integrating drones into existing airspace. LFV operates together with Saab, Sjöfartsverket, UMS Skeldar, FMV and NECST. The project is funded by Vinnova and the Swedish Transport Administration, and it is an important work to develop the ways we can use airspace most efficiently when many operators, both manned traffic and drones have to operate at the same time and in a safe and efficient manner. The focus is to find technical facilities, new efficient routes and models to avoid collisions and be able to test systems. On the 24th October, a demonstration will be held for the project at Malmö Airport.

Örnsköldsvik and Sundsvall airports in an innovative research project:
Along with the RISE and Flypulse, LFV will conduct a research aimed at investigating whether drones surveillance can be used for monitoring airports, which today can be a major expense for small ones. Sundsvall and Örnsköldsvik airports are part of the project.  "This is part of LFV's research on increasing automation at airports. The overall aim is to increase safety and cost-effectiveness for airports in areas where technology creates new opportunities. LFV's role in the sub-project “drone for surveillance” is to support with operational competencies regarding airspace and regulatory issues, says Gunnar Olsson, project owner at LFV."