Record number of aircraft movements in 2017

08 February 10:02

Never before have there been as many flights through Swedish airspace as in 2017. LFV’s statistics for last year show a five per cent increase in traffic compared with 2016, up to 762,000 aircraft movements.

“Sweden’s economy is strong, and this is reflected in aviation, especially internationally. Sweden is also becoming increasingly attractive as a tourist destination,” says LFV’s Press Officer Per Fröberg. 

September saw the most intensive traffic of the year with over 70,000 movements, while January had the lowest number of movements at some 55,000. This means that 2017 followed the normal traffic pattern during the year.

Of the three traffic categories - overflying (no take-off or landing in Sweden), international and domestic - it was overflying that showed the greatest increase at just over six per cent. International increased by almost six per cent, while the increase for domestic flights was less - barely one per cent.

“The increase in traffic means that LFV has a great responsibility to control air traffic so as to have the smallest possible impact on the environment. We do this by establishing straight flight paths, approach and outgoing flight paths that are as short as possible and by training our air traffic controllers in eco driving,” says Per Fröberg.

With a five per cent increase in traffic, Sweden is somewhat above the European level, which is estimated at just over four per cent. The forecast for 2018 is a more moderate increase.