Coopans Multiple Remote Tower trials

16 March 15:03

On March 15th at LFV´s validation platform at ATCC Malmö, Coopan's Multiple Remote Tower trials were demonstrated.

Focus of the exercise was to further develop the Multiple Remote Tower concept for Remote Tower Centre. An exercise showed how two medium density aerodromes with up to 20 movements per hour were operated simultaneously. The first parts consisted of a shorter runs looking at different operational aspects, while the second part contained further development of tools and features for air traffic controllers.
- LFV COOPANS gave a good insight into Remote Towers and our V2 validation. We had a little more than 30 visitors from different organizations such as ANSPs, PJ.05, SJU, pilot organizations and staff organizations, "said Marcus Filipp, Project Management Board for all validations in Europe in PJ.05, as well as Program Manager for Remote Technology.