Air traffic services in United Arab Emirates

28 March 13:03

LFV has received questions about LFV's subsidiary, LFV Aviation Consulting AB's agreement with GAL ANS in the United Arab Emirates. In early 2013, an agreement was signed where LFV is a subcontractor of GAL ANS. They, in turn, have an agreement with the end-user ADAC, Abu Dhabi Airport Company, for civil aviation services at five civilian airports. The contract expired on five years and expires on April 30, 2018.

"It is part of our assignment to sell services abroad," says Maria Wall Petrini, CEO of LFV Aviation Consulting AB and sales director at LFV. It is entirely in accordance with the regulations that apply to our business. Within civil air traffic services at civilian airports it can occur military flight movements. It can be take offs and landings or flights flying through the airspaces of the airport. It works like this internationally as well as nationally,"says Maria Wall Petrini.

If a military aircraft needs to fly through a civilian sector, it is considered and handled by civilian air traffic controllers according to civilian air traffic rules (civil regulations under the UN agency ICAO). Both in Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world, military flights start and land at regular civil airports.

LFV has during these years reported about the agreement between LFV Aviation Consulting AB and GAL ANS. In LFV's accounts, it as been reported in annual reports, quarterly reports and other public reports and other information.

GAL ANS, which has about 1200 employees, has employed about 20 people who are on leave from LFV. Of these 20, there are 15 air traffic controllers, seven of them in the air traffic control tower at Abu Dhabi International Airport, where the total need is about 40 .