LFV builds for remote tower services

07 November 09:11

Now, LFV builds for remote tower services at the airports. The foundation for tower and technology shed has recently been casted in Kiruna. In Umeå, Östersund and Malmö, the work with the camera tower is going on at different stages. Thereafter; LFV will provide remote tower services from RTC Stockholm to our customer Swedavia.

Foundations casted in Kiruna

Now the full speed is in the area of Kiruna Airport. A foundation for camera tower and terminals for the technology shed has been casted. When finished, the camera tower with 14 cameras, microphones and other equipment will send pictures and other information to the air traffic controllers at RTC Stockholm, just as it is already at the airports Örnsköldsvik and Sundsvall-Timrå.

Agreement with Swedavia in November 2017

In November 2017, LFV and the airport owner Swedavia signed an agreement to establish air traffic service from a remote position at Swedavia’s four airports: Kiruna, Umeå, Östersund and Malmö. Around the same time, LFV began the construction of RTC Stockholm. LFV was the first in the world with remote tower services when the Remote Tower Center in Sundsvall was inagurated in April 2015, and Örnsköldsvik Airport was operated from there. In December 2017, Sundsvall-Timrå Airport was also connected to RTC Sundsvall.