Group Management

Director General

Ann Persson Grivas

Director General since1st of April 2017.

Current position: Director General, LFV. 

Directorships: Chair of LFV Holding AB AND LFV Aviation Consulting AB. Director, Entry Point North AB and Luleå University of Technology.                      Previous positions: Försäkringskassan in various managerial positions, as Assistant Director General, Director in Chief, Deputy Director General, Insurance Director. Sony Ericsson, Vattenfall, mobil operator 3, SAS.
Education: University of Uppsala, the Faculty of Humanities.

Finance Director & Deputy Director General

Mikael Larsson

Employed by LFV since: 1991. 

Directorships: Director of LFV Holding AB, LFV Aviation AB and NUAC HB. 
Previous positions: Economist at LFV.
Education: Economics, Örebro University.









Director of HR

Barbro Bolander

Employed by LFV from August 2017.

Directorships: LFV Holding AB

Previous positions: Several senior positions at Socialstyrelsen, Skolinspektionen, Grant Thornton, Försvarsmakten, DNB Asset Management, SJ.

Education: Human Resources Specialist, Linköping University and Stockholm University.








Director of Communications

Elisabeth Lindgren

Employed since: 2014.

Directorships: Director of Svenskt Flyg, LFV Holding AB, Svenska Cykelförbundet, Saltsjöbadens Teater. 
Previous positions: Director of Sales and Marketing at SJ, Director of Communications at SJ and Lernia, senior positions at Swedbank. 
Education: Market economist, IHM, Bachelor of Philosophy, Linköping University, EMBA, Stockholm School of Economics.

Business Development Director

Andria Kemi

Employed since: 2015.

Directorships: Director, LFV Holding AB.

Previous positions: Business Development Manager Stockholm-Bromma airport. Manager Marketing communcation at Swedavia, Manager Marketing communcation at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.  Kommersiell chef Umeå Airport.
Education: MBA, economics, Umeå University


Head of Production

Anna-Helena Wåhlin

Employed since: 1982.

Directorships: Director, LFV Holding AB and LFV Aviation Consulting AB.

Previous positions: Air traffic controller and supervisor at ATS Arlanda. Several senior positions at LFV.

Education: Air traffic controller.






Sales director & CEO of LFV Aviation Consulting AB

Maria Wall Petrini

Employed since: 2012.

Directorships: Director,LFV Holding AB, LFV Norway AS and Chair, Swedish Aviation Group.

Previous positions: Head of Production at Nordwaggon AB, LFV’s Head of Business Development and several senior positions at Nordwaggon AB, Electrolux, LFV and Swedavia.

Education: The international economics programme at Linköping University.

Technical Director

Ulf Thibblin

Employed since: 2013.

Directorships: Chair of LFV Holding AB, LFV Norway AS and  Entry Point North AB.

Previous positions: Several senior positions at Saab and Ericsson, including Director International Business Development, VP Business Development Region Europe and VP and Head of Business Development.
Education: Civil engineering, Master of Science in Theoretical Physics and doctor of technology at Linköping University.

General Counsel

Petra Sernulf

Employed by LFV since: 2008.

Directorships: Director,  LFV Holding AB

Previous positions: Senior legal counsel LFV, lawyer law firm Glimstedt.

Education: University of Stockholm, Faculty of Law.