Board of Directors


Jan Olson

Chair since: 2013

Directorships: Chair, Arlandabanan Infrastructure AB, Director, Svedab AB and Öresundsbro Konsortiet AS.

Previous positions: Senior management positions at SAS and SJ. Head of business development at SJ 2003–2012, CEO 2012.

Education: Economics, Stockholm University

Deputy Chair

Marie Hafström

Deputy Chair since: 2010.

Directorships: Director of the Swedish Institute for the Study of Legal History. Positions on several public-sector boards and commissions of inquiry.

Previous positions: DG of the Swedish Coast Guard 1996–2005. DG and deputy head of the Swedish Armed Forces 2005–2008.

Education: LL.B. Lund University, trained as a judge, Svea Court of Appeal.

Chief economist, Swedish Trade Federation

Johan Davidsson

Director since:2013.

Current position: Chief economist, Swedish Trade Federation.      

Directorships: The Swedish Fortifications Agency and The National Property Board of Sweden.

Previous positions: Include political advisor and assistant head of coordination in the Swedish Prime Minister’s Office.

Education: Economics, Stockholm University.

Head of Swedish Air Force

Mats Helgesson

Director since: 2015

Current position: Head of Swedish Air Force

Previous positions: Director, Test and Evaluation, FMV, Commanding Office of F17, Chief of Staff Tactical Air Staff, Head of Aviation in the Swedish Air Force.

Education: Study programmes in the Swedish Armed Forces.






Ann-Christine Hvittfeldt

Director since: 2016

Current position: Several directorships and director of Green Cargo AB.

Previous positions: Senior positions at Volvo Logistics, Hemtex and Speedcargo.

Education: Agneberg Economics High School, Bergaskolan Export and Import Int Trade, University of Gothenburg Transport economy and material supply.


Per Nilsson

Director since: 2013

Current position: Deputy Director General of Swedish Customs.

Previous positions: Chief of Staff at Swedish Customs, Deputy Director of the Tax and Customs Department of the Ministry of Finance.

Education: Economics, Linköping University.

Director General

Ann Persson Grivas

Director General since 1st of April 2017

Directorships: Member of LFV's board, Chair of LFV Holding AB, LFV Aviation Consulting AB, LFV Norway AS. Chair COOPANS Alliance Board, Vice Chair Borealis Alliance Board. Member of Entry Point North AB, Eurocontrol Air Navigation Services Board and Luleå University of Technology.

Previous positions: Försäkringskassan in various managerial positions, as Assistant Director General, Director in Chief, Deputy Director General, Insurance Director. Sony Ericsson, Vattenfall, mobil operator 3, SAS.

: University of Uppsala, the Faculty of Humanities

Director, staff representative

Ann-Marie Bredberg

Director, staff representative since: 2010

Current position: Chair of the ST union within Air Traffic Control at LFV/NUAC.

Directorships: Director of Entry Point North AB.

Education: Air traffic controller.

Director and staff representative

Peter Lennartsson

Director and staff representative since: 2010.

Current position: Air traffic controller and 1st Deputy Chair of the ST union.

Education: Air traffic controller