Board of Directors


Jan Olson

Chair since: 2013

Directorships: Chair, Arlandabanan Infrastructure AB, Director, Svedab AB and Öresundsbro Konsortiet AS.

Previous positions: Senior management positions at SAS and SJ. Head of business development at SJ 2003–2012, CEO 2012.

Education: Economics, Stockholm University

Deputy Chair

Marie Hafström

Deputy Chair since: 2010.

Directorships: Director of the Swedish Institute for the Study of Legal History. Positions on several public-sector boards and commissions of inquiry.

Previous positions: DG of the Swedish Coast Guard 1996–2005. DG and deputy head of the Swedish Armed Forces 2005–2008.

Education: LL.B. Lund University, trained as a judge, Svea Court of Appeal.

Chief economist, Swedish Trade Federation

Johan Davidsson

Director since:2013.

Current position: Chief economist, Swedish Trade Federation.      

Directorships: The Swedish Fortifications Agency and The National Property Board of Sweden.

Previous positions: Include political advisor and assistant head of coordination in the Swedish Prime Minister’s Office.

Education: Economics, Stockholm University.

Head of Swedish Air Force

Mats Helgesson

Director since: 2015

Current position: Head of Swedish Air Force

Previous positions: Director, Test and Evaluation, FMV, Commanding Office of F17, Chief of Staff Tactical Air Staff, Head of Aviation in the Swedish Air Force.

Education: Study programmes in the Swedish Armed Forces.






Ann-Christine Hvittfeldt

Director since: 2016

Current position: Several directorships and director of Green Cargo AB.

Previous positions: Senior positions at Volvo Logistics, Hemtex and Speedcargo.

Education: Agneberg Economics High School, Bergaskolan Export and Import Int Trade, University of Gothenburg Transport economy and material supply.


Per Nilsson

Director since: 2013

Current position: Deputy Director General of Swedish Customs.

Previous positions: Chief of Staff at Swedish Customs, Deputy Director of the Tax and Customs Department of the Ministry of Finance.

Education: Economics, Linköping University.

Director General

Ann Persson Grivas

Director General since 1st of April 2017

Directorships: Chair of LFV Holding AB AND LFV Aviation Consulting AB. Director, Entry Point North AB and Luleå University of Technology.

Previous positions: Försäkringskassan in various managerial positions, as Assistant Director General, Director in Chief, Deputy Director General, Insurance Director. Sony Ericsson, Vattenfall, mobil operator 3, SAS.

: University of Uppsala, the Faculty of Humanities

Director, staff representative

Ann-Marie Bredberg

Director, staff representative since: 2010

Current position: Chair of the ST union within Air Traffic Control at LFV/NUAC.

Directorships: Director of Entry Point North AB and NUAC HB (employees’ representative).

Education: Air traffic controller.

Director and staff representative

Peter Lennartsson

Director and staff representative since: 2010.

Current position: Air traffic controller and 1st Deputy Chair of the ST union.

Education: Air traffic controller