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Arlanda Control Tower

LFV provides air traffic management and air navigation services at several locations in Sweden and internationally. We are involved in developing the European airspace through cooperation in organizations and alliances. LFV develops new services and operational concepts to meet increased demands for safety, capacity and availability. LFV has 1100 employees and an annual turnover of 3.1 billion.


Are you empowered to create and build in a company that is characterized by innovation and new thinking? We are constantly looking for new employees who wants to be a part of the future of air traffic services.

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LFV sees the importance of reducing negative environmental impact from air navigation, and for that reason started and delivered a number of, among them, awardwinning initatives to deliver a more environmental friendly service.



LFV's control of the air traffic in Swedish airspace contributes to a safe traffic flow. Safety is LFV's highest priority and is guided by our Safety Policy. We work systematically to identify and prevent all conceivable risks for accidents, and our goal is to ensure that safety continually improves regardless of any traffic increase.

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